Review of Covered in Ink

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spring-2015Review of Covered in Ink was published in the academic journal Feminist Media Studies. You can view the review here: FMS_CoveredReview1105019. The reviewer is my former undergraduate professor, Dr. Kissling! From reading my crappy undergraduate women’s studies papers to reviewing my first book, Dr. Kissling has seen the range of my work, and I thank her for being there for me all this time!


Huffington Post “The Secret Lives of Tattooed Women”

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55ba79ad170000260056612eThe Huffington Post write about women and tattoos and talked about Covered in Ink: Women, Tattoos, and the Politics of the Body in the article entitled “The Secret Lives of Tattooed Women.”

“Word of Mouth” show on NPR interviewed me about tattoos in the workplace

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logo_fid_0 I was on the radio! “Word of Mouth” show on New Hampshire Public Radio interviewed me to talk about tattoos in the workplace and my book, Covered in Ink: Women, Tattoos, and the Politics of the Body. Listen here.

Covered in Ink (2015, NYU Press)

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CCovered in Inkovered in Ink: Tattoos, Women, and the Politics of the Body was published in July, 2015 by NYU Press. The book follows the documentary Covered (2010) and is based on the same material, but includes a lot more voices and analysis.

Publisher Page:

“A small dolphin on the ankle, a black line on the lower back, a flower on the hip, or a child’s name on the shoulder blade—among the women who make up the twenty percent of all adults in the USA who have tattoos, these are by far the most popular  choices. Tattoos like these are cute, small, and can be easily hidden, and they fit right in with society’s preconceived notions about what is ‘gender appropriate’ for women. But what about women who are heavily tattooed? Or women who visibly wear imagery, like skulls, that can be perceived as masculine or ugly when inked on their skin?
Drawing on autoethnography, and extensive interviews with heavily tattooed women, Covered in Ink provides insight into the increasingly visible subculture of women with tattoos. Author Beverly Thompson visits tattoos parlors, talking to female tattoo artists and the women they ink, and she attends tattoo conventions and Miss Tattoo pageants where heavily tattooed women congregate to share their mutual love for the art form. Along the way, she brings to life women’s love of ink, their very personal choices of tattoo art, and the meaning tattooing has come to carry in their lives, as well as their struggles with gender norms, employment discrimination, and family rejection. Thompson finds that, despite the stigma and social opposition heavily tattooed women face, many feel empowered by their tattoos and strongly believe they are creating a space for self-expression that also presents a positive body image. A riveting and unique study, Covered in Ink provides important insight into the often unseen world of women and tattooing.”

Covered on Vimeo

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COVERED from Beverly Yuen Thompson on Vimeo.

Pat’s Tats Grand (Re-)Opening

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Pat’s Tats has been a mainstay tattoo studio in upstate New York’s Hudson Valley for over two decades. The all-women tattoo artist studio recently moved into a new location in Kingston, NY. This video captures that transition, featuring an interview with shop owner Pat Sinatra, a tattooist for over 36 years.

Screening at John Jay College of Criminal Justice Feb. 28, 2013

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Covered will be screening at John Jay College of Criminal Justice on February 28, 2013, from 1:40-3pm in room 520.14T. Following the screening, there will be a presentation about the upcoming book, Covered Women, which is based on he documentary. View the facebook invite here. 445 West 59th Street, New York, NY.