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A photography book about the making of “Covered.”

For women, social approval of tattooing practices is based upon the understanding that she will keep her ink small, discrete, and cute–anything more, and she has definitely crossed the line of acceptable inking practices. For others that cross the line, tattooing represents a resistance to social norms of constructed female beauty–their tattoos are large, public, and potentially offensive. This project is for those women that cross the line, become heavily tattooed, and interpret this as an integral part of their identity. Additionally, female tattoo artists face challenges and advantages as they work inside a male dominated profession. Women and Tattoos presents the heavily tattooed women and female tattoo artists through interviews, shop visits, conventions, and personal narratives.

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Photography Book
Gypsy Queens: Sisters in Ink

The Gypsy Queens is a national organization comprised of heavily tattooed women whose motto is “tats, not tits!” They promote a positive image of women within the tattoo community, which does not rely on nudity. The Gypsy Queens campaign for various social issues related to tattooing regulations, women’s rights, and social justice by organizing and attending charity events, fundraisers, and tattoo conventions.

In the summer of 2009, Frankie Scorpion & family went on an East Coast tour where they connected with Gypsy Queens state chapter members in Delaware, Washington, D.C., North Carolina, and South Carolina. This book is based upon that road trip.

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For more photographs from the making of Covered, check out the Flickr photo collection.


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